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The New Year is always a busy and challenging time for our Ironing Angels. The average order size is unusually high due to the Christmas backlog, and we commonly see a sharp increase in new customers. January really is a popular month, and it's at times like these when we're thankful for our Business Process Management work, or BMP for short.

At this point, you may be wondering what BPM is and perhaps more importantly, as a Hot Iron customer why you should care? It's a good question. In simple terms, it describes the process of taking a predictable event and defining a set of instructions on how to react to produce the best outcome.

The most organised will do this naturally, but to some, the importance of being prepared and having an effective routine isn't apparent. At the Hot Iron, we have designed several processes which focus on customer service and quality, which we teach to all of our Ironing Angels. It's because our Angels are following a clear set of instructions that we can be confident your Hot Iron experience consistently matches our high standards.

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan

Eleanor Roosevelt

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One good example of a BMP which really highlights its usefulness in January is our transport and storage routines. An Ironing Angels can have up to 20 customers to collect in a single evening, that's a large estate car full of laundry bags and coat hangers. If we didn't have a process in place, you could see how easy it would be mix-up items or worse, lose them.

One small part of our transport and storage routines is the pickup process. At the Hot Iron, customers are provided with a free high-quality waterproof bag and name label. Customers can use their own bags, but importantly, it must be secure and clearly labelled, they can, of course, use one of our labels. Making sure our customer's ironing arrives safely at the Ironing Angels home is our first priority.

Our philosophy is to give customers the gift of time by providing the most convenient ironing and laundry services, and our BPM routines are just one example of how we deliver.

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