Washing and drying your clothes can quickly take up your free time. Perhaps you've just come back from holiday and the idea of all that washing is too much. Maybe you just dislike like the tedious chore of laundry and wish it would go away altogether. Whatever your reason we can help.

Using the top of the range washer and dryer appliances, your clothes couldn’t be in better care. We’d typically wash everything on a 40 °C but alternative programs can be selected if you’d prefer. Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested Fairy washing powder leaves clothes brilliantly clean whilst being gentle on your skin, perfect for anybody with sensitive skin. For added freshness, we use Comfort Intense fabric conditioner.

Whether it's a suitcase full of clothes or a regular wash load of bedding we can wash, dry and if you wish, iron your garments and return them back to you.

A convenient one-stop shop for all your laundry needs, what could be easier.

COVID19 Update

We're still open, although, for safety, we have altered some of our procedures. Visit our Announcement page for more information on our COVID procedures.