Warrington Price Calculator

Below you'll see a range of our ironing and laundry prices. Your total order value will update automatically at the bottom of the page as you update the quantities.

Your first order qualifies for a 10% discount

Shirt or Jacket
T-Shirt or Jumper
Jeans, Trousers or Shorts
Kids Shirt or Dress
Kids T-Shirt or Trousers
King Size Cover or Sheet
Double Cover or Sheet
Single Cover or Sheet
Full Wash & Dry
Full Wash, Dry & Fold
Half Wash & Dry
Half Wash, Dry & Fold

Price Per-Item vs Per-Kilogram

We believe in clarity and fairness in pricing; the more complicated the item, the more we charge. Some companies charge per kilogram; weight is irrelevant to difficulty, so we charge per item. Here are some more reasons why our approach benefits you

Transparent Pricing

With our itemised pricing structure, you have complete control and no surprises as you know the exact cost of each item. This transparency ensures you can see exactly what you're paying for.

Fairness and Value

The weight of your laundry has no relation to the time and effort required to iron each piece. We've conducted a detailed cost and time analysis to determine our fees, so our prices reflect the service.

Ease and Simplicity

Our straightforward pricing model makes it easy to understand your bill. There is no need to weigh your laundry or, lacking scales, guess how much it will cost – count your items, and you're all set.

What do your clothes weigh?

  • Adult Shirt: 200 to 350 grams
  • Adult T-Shirt: 150 to 250 grams
  • Adult Jumper: 500 to 800 grams
  • Adult Trousers: 600 to 800 grams
  • Adult Jeans: 700 to 1300 grams
  • Adult Dress: 500 to 800 grams
  • Kids Shirt: 100 to 180 grams
  • Kids T-Shirt: 80 to 120 grams
  • Kids Trousers: 150 to 220 grams
  • Kids Dress: 250 to 350 grams
  • Pillowcase: 130 to 180 grams
  • Bedding Set: 1000 to 3000 grams

We are different

It's our mission to provide the very best ironing service across the UK through our network of highly professional Ironing Angels. Working to the exacting standards set by us, these dedicated locals can provide a personalised service with a high degree of professionalism.

Exceptional Quality

High-quality packaging, professional equipment, expert training and a friendly helpful attitude, it's our recipe for success.


We focus on delivering convenience to you, which is why we can collect and deliver your ironing for free.


Creases in trousers, t-shirts folded a particular way or collection at a specific time. Whatever your wish we're here to help.

Great Value

We're able to reduce costs for our Ironing Angels so they can deliver more to you for the same price as the competition.


To take advantage of our free collection and drop-off service, you would need to be within a 5-mile radius of one of our premises and have a minimum order value of £20. This rule can be relaxed if we are already travelling to your area.

We charge £0.60 per mile for any additional miles incurred due to not meeting the minimum order value or being over the travel distance threshold.

Wash loads are based on a domestic large load washing machine and have a maximum weight of 6kg. Please separate the loads into individual bags, whites, colours etc.

Every single bag will be washed and dried together, and we are unable to take responsibility damages due to a bag being sorted incorrectly.

COVID19 Update

We're still open, although, for safety, we have altered some of our procedures. Visit our Announcement page for more information on our COVID procedures.